About Chewie

Chewbacca Wookie Martell, or Chewie for short (AKA Spud, Li’l Shiver, The Cinnamon Roll of Cuteness, Chew-Chew, ect.)
is a brindle male Pitt Bull/Boxer mix owned by the Martells.

His age is unknown, as he was abandoned by his former owners, but his birth day was sometime around 3-20-2009.

==Finding Chewie==

One day on a warm January morning my mom and dad went to a workout station inside a community center.
While exercising, they suddenly noticed an pit bull cheerfully running all around the gym and playing with the weights; and nobody was with him. They didn’t want him to get hurt, so they gingerly picked him up and put him in the back of the family car. When driving home, my parents noticed how patient and quiet the young dog was.
When they got home, my brother and I were happily surprised and patted and fed him.
My brother named him Chewie after the Star Wars character Chewbacca.
We took him on a hike after a few days and let him off the leash. At first he just trotted alongside us, but once he realized that he was free he bolted off. He could have never come back, but it turned out that he just wanted to smell around. Soon he loyally came back to us with that sweet, goofy grin on his face, and he never ran away from us again. We gratefully adopted him. He loves us and we love him. =)


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